- No Chi
- No Jianghu
- No SubClass
- No Fan and Tower
- No Refineries
- No Materials
- No horse or Steed
- No Gears or Items required to improve you gear in shoppingmall.
- No ConquerPoints Drop
- No Reincarnation
- Level Cap: 130
- RB Cap: 2rb
- Item Compose Cap: +12
- Rate: LowRate
- Host: HongKong
- Full Anti Cheat Protection

Q - What does VIP6 have?
A - Autoloot +stones, -damage items, Autopack db,mets,stones, will not mine ores but will mine gold,gems etc.. also it has autohunt.

Q - How to get DragonBalls and Meteor?
A - You can get DragonBalls and Metors by killing mobs or any kinds of monsters or by mining in mine cave.

Q - How to get Gems like; DragonGem, KylenGem, PhoenixGem etc...?
A - You can only get all that GEM by mining in mine cave and also in pve points npc, you can get random gems from normal to super.

Q - How to get +stone?
A - You get +stone by mining in mine cave also via hunting monsters.

Q - How to get - Damage items?
A - You can get - Damage items by hunting mobs or any kinds of monsters.